Quantum World of Water

                                      The Quantum World of Water 

My friends say that I am crazy about water − which is probably true.  I want to tell everyone, because I think it is so remarkable. I want to spread the word about our new knowledge of water as a  medium for healing  and communication.

I discovered Viktor Schauberger’s research 25 years ago when I was given Olof Alexandersson’s book in Swedish and had it translated as Living Water, which I published in 1979. This led to a partnership with Callum Coats who then translated all of Viktor’s writings which I published in four volumes over the next few years. He went on to write his own authoritative book on Viktor’s research, Living Energies which took him 18 years hard work to complete.

Viktor Schauberger was an intuitive ecologist, warden of virgin Alpine forests.   By carefully observing how water behaves in streams, he built up an amazing understanding of what water needs in order to stay healthy. His insights pioneered a new understanding of water. He became known as “The Water Wizard” and went on to develop applications of the extraordinary energies developed by inward-spiralling (imploded) water for engines to power flying saucers, submarines, air and water conditioners.

Schauberger was the pioneer of a quantum worldview of Nature, and water in particular, years before quantum physics had been established. Since then, several quantum biologists have also pioneered important research on the role of water in life. Through the research of Viktor Schauberger, Mae-Wan Ho, Theodor Schwenk, and Gerald Pollack in particular, remarkable qualities of water have been found at the energetic or quantum level.

As well as controlling the physical environment, water appears to have a life of its own. It seems to control the health of organisms, most of which are composed 70% of water. Energised water has been shown to bring positive nourishment to its environment, whether a stream to its banks or the spiralling water and blood systems in our own bodies and is responsible for development of the organism.

The exciting discovery of quantum biology is that water is the medium of communication – between the body’s cells and organs, between all organisms − and even other worlds.  Our biological water is the medium for communication, internal and external.  Inter-cellular water is the medium that stores information and memory, whereas extra-cellular biological water is the medium for communication within the larger organism (in addition to its role in providing nutrients and waste removal).

The connective tissues that make up the bulk of all multi-cellular animals are essential for biological communication and crucial to the integrity of the organism. They are composed of a crystalline matrix of collagen proteins, macroscopically aligned to form a network linking up the whole body, embedded in water, which is 60 to 70% by weight. This makes the connective tissues the ideal medium for communication. This water is specially structured in chains along the collagen fibres and has the ability to self-organise.  [Gerald Pollack has meaningfully named this liquid crystalline form of water “fourth phase” water.]

Dr Ho believes this enables water associated with collagen to become super-conductive, the ideal medium for instantaneous intercommunication to coordinate all cellular activities. The extra-cellular and intra-cellular matrices together constitute an excitable continuum for rapid inter-communication permeating the entire organism, enabling it to function as a coherent whole.

But the wonderful news about water is that it is the means of supplying the energy for the maintenance and evolution of life.  What water does is to wake up things that have the potential for life and then sustain their energy. The Universal Creative Life Force uses water to stimulate the evolution of life forms.    This may all sound quite strange, but it is really what happens!

Water works with − you might say, it is the servant of − the field of cosmic energy that surrounds us and interconnects everything − which is called the Quantum Field, the source of ‘the Universal Life Force’.   For centuries it was known as the Etheric or the “God Field”, the repository of all information in the Universe.  Now, it’s also called the Higgs Field.

The quantum field is also a bank of cosmic energy.  Water’s sensitivity allows it to draw from the quantum field the information required to stimulate and sustain life on Earth. I find this incredibly inspiring – that water brings meaning to life – it feels like a spiritual revelation.

Water as we know it, as it comes out of the tap, or sits in a pond, is basically lifeless.  Water needs to move in spirals to keep healthy and in order to sustain life. When water becomes turbulent, as in a stream, it is restructured into layers creating hundreds of laminar planes which act like plates in a battery that draw information and energy from the quantum field in order to nourish life and to raise the energy of an organism.

Water’s energy is raised and restructured through a specific type of centripetal inward motion called Implosion or the Vortex. With greater turbulence, restructuring makes the water more sensitive to be able to draw from a higher level in the quantum field.  Stirring a glass of water with a spoon or a food mixer, does not make a very good vortex.   

In a healthy stream a longitudinal vortex runs down the centre, restructuring the water and raising its energy.   We can recreate this by making an artificial vortex in a jug of water, turning it into living water.    

Water displays the properties of an organism. It can self-organise, and is an essential part of the network of life management; feeding our cells with what they need to be healthy, and the information required for their evolution. 

Water is the epitome of holism.  It is the essential prerequisite for life and unites all of life in many ways. There seems to be a connection between water’s memory and the evolution of an organism. Could it be that water is the medium for evolutionary processes? Water is shown to have a level of intelligence in the way in which it stimulates, maintains and regulates life. Some researchers believe that water behaves like an organism and acts as though with consciousness. Homoeopathy depends on water’s memory.

Water from a tap is not living water. Our bodies are better nourished by drinking living water, which reduces the need for the body to make it spiralling, living water. We can replicate living water by making an artificial vortex. The higher that the energy has been raised in the water, the more it will become healing water. Plants, nourished by energised water will flourish. Restructured water will retain its energy for 24 hours or so and will quickly lose it if heated.

To understand life, we need to understand water’s role in creating and sustaining it. Water seems to encourage greater complexity, interdependence and integrity in all of creation.  My book, The Story of Water (or The Spiritual Life of a Water), attempts to explain these remarkable qualities in a readable and informative way.   [Review]