Restructuring water

       Filtering and Restructuring Water

We do realise that water is essential for life and that its quality affects our health.  Many, aware that our public water supplies are not well filtered go to an extreme, using reverse osmosis, not realising that this removes the nutrients and essential trace elements, but not VOCs like chlorine.  Many people spend over $1000 a year on bottled water for their families, unaware that the quality of bottled water is regulated less than tap water and is sometimes questionable, never mind the effect of the plastic bottles’ chemicals on the water.

So what do we recommend?  Invest in a high-quality filter system plumbed into your water supply that will, as far as possible, remove chlorine and dissolved organic pollutants – agrochemicals, solvents, oestrogen, THM’s, TCE’s, PCBs, etc, and an ion exchange system for heavy metals like copper, aluminium, mercury, lead, etc.  It should have both granular and block carbon layers.* (see coming YouTube video “Drink Healthy Water” ─ on filtration)

Most people don’t realise that filters remove only physical pollutants, having no effect on the energy of those pollutants which remains in the water.  Large cities like Los Angeles, New York and London recycle their water many times.  This multiplies the energy of chemicals such as oestrogen and solvents, which are stored in the water’s memory.  These are quite as much a risk to health as the physical pollutants.

Nature recycles or removes polluted energies in a stream by spiralling the water turbulently with a vortexial movement, cleansing the water’s memory.  Nature’s secret weapon is the vortex.  We can replicate this at home: by vorticising water, we can produce water that is alive.*  The spiralling of water without a vortex maintains its energy level, but does not increase it.  Stirring a body of water does the same, whereas water flowing in a pipe or as a still body, loses energy.  The public water supply is lifeless and polluted.  It has had to be disinfected with chlorine.

I’m not surprised that quite a few people on the “Drink Living Water” YouTube video blog wanted to know more about the term ‘restructuring’. Water prefers to flow as layers or strata rather than as streams, for only then can it perform its real role, that of absorbing energy from the quantum field.  The purpose of this is to communicate nourishment and information that the organism’s cells need for maintenance and for their evolution.  Naturally flowing, spiralling water has well developed layers; this is called ‘structured water’.

If the water is in a turbulent state, these layers multiply.   They act like the leaves of a battery to store memory. The water moving in a vortexial motion restructures these layers, deleting the stored information ─ like deleting a magnetic tape.  The vortex process both cleanses the layers and sensitizers them to receive only beneficial energies from the quantum field.

Water continuously seeks to be energy-full, when it becomes ‘mature’ water. Until then, it is non-discriminating and can store harmful energies. By vortexing, however, it will absorb only beneficial energies.  If we leave our drinking water standing, it will deteriorate and might pick up undesirable energies.  This is why it needs to be spun, or restructured, regularly.

The vortex draws in energy at the appropriate wavelength or level (of consciousness?)  from the field of infinite energy in space confirmed by quantum physicists.  This energy field is the hierarchy of cosmic energies which nourish life.  The greater the power of the vortex, the higher the level in the quantum field that can be tapped.

Exciting new research has found that extracellular water in the body is structured in a liquid crystalline matrix, which makes instant communication possible across the whole organism.  Some of the new quantum biologists have come to the conclusion that water must be the servant of cosmic purpose, acting with a degree of consciousness to organise water, which in turn brings consciousness and order to organisms.

Some people find these concepts strange, because they aren’t on the radar of mainstream science; they are part of the new science.  There are two levels of science: mainstream science studies detailed physical properties in depth, but not interrelationships or their environment.  Holistic science is concerned with the interdependence of all of life at the energetic level.

Life clearly has its own inbuilt order and purpose, otherwise there would be only chaos.  What creates this order?  For centuries, many societies have believed the etheric to be the ‘God field’, the source of cosmic order and wisdom.  This universal energy field that fills all of space is now recognised as the quantum or Higgs field, but mainstream scientists cannot agree on its purpose (if any).

Mainstream science, while accepting that water is essential for life, tends to regard it in reductionist terms merely as a substance in which various chemical reactions take place.

On the other hand, holistic or quantum science has demonstrated water’s role in communication between cells in the body, between organisms and other life forms.  This information is for both nourishment for life maintenance, and for its development and evolution.  It is necessary for water to have a level of consciousness to do this.       

Many quantum biologists go along with the ancient concept of the etheric being the reservoir of cosmic purpose and wisdom which stimulates the evolution of terrestrial life.  This seems to be quite plausible.  It’s a concept to which I subscribe and which I find very exciting.  New science is replacing the materialism of the post-Newtonian age and of new Darwinism  

Alick Bartholomew (Living Water)

Alick Bartholomew has been researching the energetic qualities of water for 25 years. He has written two in-depth books, has given lectures and written a number of articles.   (


Schwenk, Theodor: Sensitive Chaos (layering of water)

Ho, Mae-Wan: Water, the Medium of Communication (the liquid crystal nature of water)

Bartholomew, Alick: The Story of Water – Source of Life

               Hidden Nature – The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger (known as “the Water Wizard”)

Also:  Gerald Pollack (liquid crystals) & Masaru Emoto (m3emory)

*For more information on filtering and vortexing systems, please refer to